I’m an Indy native, born and raised in Indianapolis and am a Ben Davis graduate. I went to college at Indiana State University (Go Trees!!) for 3 years before transferring to IUPUI, finally receiving my dual bachelors in Human Resources and Business Management from Kelley School of Business. While I wasn’t an athlete in high school, I grew up participating in cheerleading since I was 3 years old and was an Athletic Trainer for Ben Davis Athletics for track, wrestling, basketball and football. I began my journey at VFit December 18, 2012 after a friend invited me to come. I was going through some health issues and knew that this was my last hope to get in shape. I had tried Weight Watchers, killed myself on the cardio machines at other fitness facilities, and tried every fad diet and infomercial product on the market. No luck. By Easter of 2013, I had dropped 30 lbs. My ‘aha’ moment came when my niece’s husband walked in the house and didn’t recognize me. By July of that same year, I was down another 35 lbs. To say VFit changed my life would be an understatement. I felt incredible and so confident. I could feel myself getting stronger with each workout. And the atmosphere! The atmosphere that Morris and the trainers foster is so supportive and friendly. It truly feels like a family. We push each other to reach our fitness, personal and spiritual goals together! I am proud to be a part of the VFit team and am proud to call Morris my husband.





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