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Adult Training

Our innovative program works to promote "Muscle Confusion" and Muscle "Shock" to the body in the most efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight, build Lean muscle or help those who look to gain weight.

Pro Training

We have designed a very respected and comprehensive program for collegiate athlete and professional athletes.  Each of our programs are individually designed for all sports, skill levels, and levels of competitive play.

Youth Training

Our approach emphasizes fundamental functional movement skills: running, lunging, squats, jumping, throwing, crawling, pushing, and pulling. In the younger age group the primary tool for the students will be their own body weight. 

Sports Nutrition

From fueling to recovery, muscle building to weight making, optimal nutrition ensures the best platform for your success. Introducing the newest layer of the VFit program, Sports Nutrition.

Sports Performance

The ALL New SPARq-S Complete  Program. Step-By-Step sports performance training program to help build more Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, Quickness and Stamina in your Athletes.

Have Questions

Overwhelmed by the options or unsure which program best fits your plan moving forward. Please reach out to our team today to create a perfect personalized plan for you or your athlete.

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