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Youth and Speed Agility Fitness

The VFIT Youth, Speed and Agility fitness classes help student athletes improve their speed, power, agility, reaction, quickness and endurance in athletes of all sports.

Training sessions focus on:

  • Dynamic skills training

  • Teamwork, discipline & character building

  • Nutrition education

Our approach emphasizes fundamental functional movement skills: running, lunging, squats, jumping, throwing, crawling, pushing, and pulling. In the younger age group the primary tool for the students will be their own body weight. As the age of the student athlete increases we incorporate Body weighted exercises with dumbbell and kettle-bell exercises. Additional tools like jump-ropes, Warrior ropes, power wheel, power sleds, box jumps, agility ladders, medicine balls, and TRX training are also used.

After completion of our athlete training program, youth ages 10 and up will see improvements in their athletic performance and their self-confidence that, which will show up on the field and in the classroom. We help young athletes be the best they can be on and off the field!

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