Cardio Blast is aptly named because it’s sole purpose is to burn calories through exercising the lungs and heart. Trainers use a wide variety of cardio based exercises, either in High Intensity Interval Training format, or more standard group fitness format. Utilizing...

This is a muscle toning/building class that focuses on the chest, arms, shoulder and back muscle groups while incorporating core work and cardiovascular exercises.

The VFIT Youth, Speed and Agility fitness classes help student athletes improve their speed, power, agility, reaction, quickness and endurance in athletes of all sports.

Training sessions focus on:

  • Dynamic skills training

  • Teamwork, discipline & character buildin...

Hard Core Full Body, or HCFB as we like to call it, is an intense workout designed to train and tone the upper and lower body, as well as the core. This is the most dynamic workout that VFIT offers in that the trainers are always keeping it fresh and challenging.


Just like Monday’s upper body class, this is a muscle building/toning class that focuses on the lower body. Using plyometric, weight training and traditional calisthenic exercises VFIT targets the legs, “glutes” and core while exercising the cardiovascular system too.

This class has been dubbed the “1,000-calorie workout” because many of those who take this class will have burned 1,000 calories by the time it is over. This circuit based workout utilizes stations including agility ladders, kettle bells, box jumps, push up ladders, wa...

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